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I’ve been using Facebook as a light-blogging platform on and off for much of Marginal Utility’s inactive period, and it’s very convenient to click a “share” link and get an automatic (if not always reliable) excerpt and thumbnail image.

Moving back here is not political, even though other lapsed blogging friends have been busy pointing out Facebook’s increasingly alarming privacy issues. The central issue is the lack of an “edit” button, and a secondary issue (for the handful of people who surf here the old fashioned way, at least) is the lack of formatting control. Meanwhile I’m considering whether the serif and sans-serif font applications here are backwards. On-screen font rendering has come a long way, but not so much on my Other (Windows XP) Computer.

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This is only a test

I’ve set this up as a test blog for a possible migration of Marginal Utility from Blogspot to WordPress.  The regular proceedings are still at the old site.

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